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 Welcome to "DETAILKOREA". 
We have been selling products all over the world since 2009, and our brand GRIBEN has been registered as a trademark in the US and South Korea.

(Please contact us B2B Drop Shipping, Wholesale, retail available.)

 We will do our best to serve you in the most accomplished manner. Thank you for business. 


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 E-mail, password. sign-up is complete.

Additional information does not need to be registered.

 When you sign up to a site, you can get a 5% coupon.

(Coupon Code : detail-kor)
We will reward members with the best service.



 We recommend PayPal payment.




Do you provide international delivery?


  We ship to worldwide.

 Please verify your address during checkout.


※  Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price

     shipping charges.    

     You need to pay the tax directly to your country after receiving

      the product. (DPU, DAP)


World Wide Delivery Time (Fedex)

 ■ USA / Canada / Australia : 4~5 Business days

 ■ Japan : 3~4 Business days

 ■ Austria / Netherlands / Belgium : 4~5 Business days

 ■ Germany / France / Spain : 4~5 Business days

 ■ Eastern Europe : 4~5 Business days

 ■ Mexico : 5~7 Business days

  ■ Other countries : 4~5 Business days

 ■ Asia area : 3~5 Business days


※ Natural disasters or special cases (COVID 19 Virus),

     shipping may be delayed.   



How do I track my order?


 All this can be confirmed at the post office in each country.
In the following site verification is possible. /


※ Shipping tracking number can query from the PayPal site.


What is your returns policy?


  If you are not satisfied with our product.
please contact and return it within 30 days for full refund.
Please not that the shipping charge are not refundable.
If you have any problems, please give a message.

  We accept return for buyers' any reason but item must be in original  condition  (Do not opened and used)

  When you opened or used it, refund will not be available.
The item is damaged, or if the color is different from the product to us  please attach a photos.

  We will refund as soon as the return items arrived.

  (Shipping charge will not be  refunded)

 If you find defection or wrong item, feel free to let us know then,
we can exchange the items with correct one in this case we will take  responsible for shipping charge.

※ Warranty

If it is damaged within 30 days, it can be replaced with a new product. (Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer)



Contact Us


GRIBEN (DETAILKOREA) secure payment services. 


Detailkorea  will work with 100% compliance with the standards of the PCI (Payment Card Industry, payment card industry information), SSL to remove the credit card information immediately after the encrypted (Secure Socket Layer, Secure Sockets Layer) system.

 Detailkorea is a site that uses carefully millions of satisfied users, do not worry about the billing information security.

 We can guarantee that.


 GRIBEN(DETAILKOREA) cannot view your billing information.
Because, payment is due to finish at PayPal.


Can you verify that my personal information is protected?​


 Detailkorea is ​​important, and above all the security of your account, and therefore are committed to 100% the best in online security. Security is a very sensitive subject as, on account Wix accurate measure of protection may not be published.
orea has thoroughly monitored security via the internal security experts, advanced tools and external security services. It will continue to provide protection through a more systematic security system and perform regular internal and external checks. All the issues raised during the audit will be resolved quickly.

  Detailkorea sign-up and login service is completed through a secure server. In addition, Wix does not store user passwords in the database, encrypted with a one-way encryption method. This means that passwords can be restored in the event of a randomly database is being destroyed.


※ As a  Detailkorea user, there are some things you can do to

    keep your account secure, are as follows:

→ I can remember when setting a password, create a difficult to guess the 


→ Keep my login information private as possible. Certainly shares the reliable

    sources and login information.

→ When you are not using the computer, log out of Wix and my e-mail account. If

     you share your computer with other people it is especially important.

→ Make sure the browser does not save your password. It is important if you share

    a computer with others.

How do I return an item?


 Please return to the following address:


3F,  46, Bukjeongjungang-ro
50570 Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do,

Republic of Korea South

Phone : + 82-10-7413-3553

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