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How to

 We use special Double-sided Tape to make the tire lettering easy to apply.
You don't have to waste your precious time!!
Attach easily with our products.

1.  Clean and dry the foreign substances, iron, ribs, and dust of the tires remaining on the attachment of the 

     tires sidewall using wax and oil-free browning remover and detergents.

  • New tires have chemicals left on the surface, so you should wash them the same. (If the attached letters fall cleanly, the tire is not completely cleaned.)

  • Use sandpaper to scratch the attachment of the tires to increase adhesion.

  • When attaching lettering, if the glue gets on the cotton gloves, it can be hot, so it is not available.

  • (Please use latex gloves.)

  • Sandpaper for scuffing surface during and after cleaning.

2.  After cleaning, wipe the remaining oil with "acetone" several times.​

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